Dam! How didn't I know about this place and it's only 10 minutes from my house. This is the best Mexican food I've tasted in Genesee county! The service was excellent ?? and the portions were huge! The margarita was wet! This is my go to spot from here on out. This is where I know the food will be right and I'll get my money's worth!

J South

I am SO picky on mexican food, I haven't found a restaraunt I really prefer to eat things at. My Husband suggested that we go to this restaraunt and it was a first time for the both of us, which made me uneasy. I definitely know what I like and I stick to it, but this food was impeccable. We started off with chips/salsa which was good but not spicy, which our daughter loved, & choriqueso (chorizo & queso dip) ugh it was delish! And then we both had the same, I don't remember the name but it had shrimp, steak, guac, lettuce, tomato, and topped with queso and spicy salsa verde. I couldn't get enough of the burrito! It was very large and enough to satisfy a big appetite. The shrimp and steak were seasoned well and cooked perfectly and I'm picky on my seafood. To end our meal we tried the oreo churros with ice cream. I wish I took a picture but I forgot. We had the most friendly waitstaff and everything was perfect, no complaints! I can't wait to go back and try their alcohol too, the margs and rumbuckets looked SO good!
Edit- The burrito is called Burrito Classico! I also found taking off the tomatoes and getting sour cream and their fresh pick on the side to pair with it is amazing. I did get it inside but it made the burrito more messy and wet/soggy! Their tacos supremes are unmatched also. I get medium shells with pico & verde salsa on the side. They're amazing! The blueberry margaritas are the best kinds I have ever had! The mango was surprisingly good as well, I can't wait to try raspberry next. Between the bar and the menu this is my new favorite place all around!


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